Meltique Beef was Established in 1984 by Hokubee Co., Ltd. in Japan.

Meltique beef was developed by Hokubee Co., Ltd (Japan) in 1984 and was inspired by the traditional French culinary method “Pique” which introduces fats into red meat to enhance flavor and tenderness.

Meltique beef offers consistent tenderness and a high standard of food safety, ensured and achieved by our own patented food-processing technology and our strict quality assurance system.

This differs from products such as wagyu or grain-fed beef as they achieve intramuscular fat marbling through specific genetics and grain feeding programs.

Meltique Beef is not Wagyu or Grain-fed and cannot be sold under these descriptions.



Raw Meltique Striploin
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1. QUALITY – Consistent eating quality

- Always tender and juicy

- Extremely Convenient

- Zero waste in the kitchen


2. SAFETY – Strict QA system

- Australian beef

- HACCP system

- Own QA system



- Contribution to our future food supply

- Efficient use of grass fed beef

- Sustainable feeding of high quality beef to the world

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