More than 30 years of pursuit assures the natural and consistent tenderness.

Consistent tenderness

The most important factor of eating quality in meat is “tenderness”.

Meltique Beef assures consistent tenderness through our patented unique and one of a kind process; the idea originally came from the French culinary technique “Pique”. “Consistent tenderness” is the biggest reason why Meltique Beef has been loved worldwide over the years.

“Pique” is the origin of the idea behind the MELTIQUE process.

Pique: a French culinary technique that inserts fat or herbs into lean meat by using a special needle called the “lardoire” to enhance the flavor or juiciness.



Due to Hokubee’s patented technology Meltique Beef can be cooked from a frozen state and will remain tender and juicy under all cooking methods. Meltique Beef will retain its eating quality even after it has cooled and re-heated. As such Meltique Beef is an extremely versatile beef product that can be used in various types of food service applications.


Saving your time and costs - Zero waste in your kitchen

All trimmed:

Our Meltique Beef production process includes the removal of all bones and excess fat. Our specialised shaping process means and more standardised shape resulting in minimal yield loss when portion cutting.  Our product is ready to use with no extra time-consuming work to be done in the kitchen, simply grill and serve.



“Safety” is Meltique Beef’s priority and promise to customers.

Australian Beef

Meltique Beef’s raw materials are all Australian export grade and only sourced from selected abattoirs.

Free from major diseases of cattle

Supplying over 100 markets globally, Australia is well known as one of the safest beef exporting countries in the world.

Australia has an internationally recognized status of being free of all major epidemic diseases of cattle, including Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) and Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD).



Accredited by the Australian Government and industry authorities

In Australia, Department of Agriculture (DA) ‘s accreditation is required to be an export facility.

Hokubee Australia (Hastings Food Processing) facility and whole Meltique Beef process including the ingredients is audited and approved by DA and AUS-MEAT and the other authorities in Australia.

Hokubee’s Quality Assurance System

HACCP System

The whole production process, from load in of materials to load out of products, is monitored by our HACCP system, certified by DA.

Hokubee’s own quality standards

Bacteria control

Hokubee has its own strict quality standards in addition to the HACCP system.

Every batch of Meltique Beef products is micro tested at our own laboratory for TPC, E.coli, Coliforms , O157, Salmonella and Staphylococcus and must pass our strict guidelines before we send to our customers.

Hokubee is proud of the safety of Meltique Beef through this strict quality assurance system.




Hokubee’s wish for the future: Sustainable supply of safe and high quality beef to the future world.

We believe that we can contribute to the consistent and sustainable supply of quality beef to the world by applying our value adding method to lean beef derived from grass fed cattle, especially cows.

Currently the population on the earth is increasing rapidly. We have to think about how we can secure food for humans in the future, including grain or meat.

Beef will continue to be in demand as it is a precious protein source for humans.

Beef can be derived from either grass fed cattle or grain fed cattle. However, it will become more difficult to keep feeding large quantities of grain to cattle when humans need more grain as the population keeps increasing.

Meanwhile the benefit of grass feeding is that it is a natural and sustainable way to raise cattle; cattle naturally eat grass and humans do not.

We think that utilizing beef from grass fed cattle is one of the keys to consistent beef supply in the future. When it comes to eating quality, grass fed beef can be tougher than grain fed, especially the beef derived from aged cattle like cows. By applying our “Meltique” method, we enhance the eating quality of that beef, in order to sustainably supply high eating quality beef to the world.


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