Our Meltique Beef Products. The original and the best


Meltique Beef Striploin

Raw Material: Striploin, AUSMEAT Cut Code 2140
Carton Weight: Catch Weight. Approx 10-15kg
Packaging: Individual Wrap

Our best selling product that is perfect for all kinds of restaurant and catering uses.


Meltique Beef Cube Roll

Raw Material: Cube Roll, AUSMEAT Cut Code 2244
Carton Weight: Catch Weight. Approx 10-15kg
Packaging: Individual Wrap

Rib Eye style for traditional steak house style menus.
A great full flavoured product.


Meltique Beef Thick Skirt

Raw Material: Thick Skirt, AUSMEAT Cut Code 2180
Carton Weight: Catch Weight. Approx 3 x 3kg
Packaging: Individual Wrap

For Japanese Yakiniku Style or Korean Style BBQ Restaurant. Heavily trimmed of all major sinew.


Meltique Beef Flapmeat

Raw Material: Flap Meat, AUSMEAT Cut Code 2206
Carton Weight: Catch Weight. Approx 8-11kg
Packaging: Individual Wrap

For Karubi, Yakiniku and Korean Style BBQ.
Individually vacuum packed to achieve a better yield.

Rump for website

Meltique Beef Rump

Raw Material: D Rump, AUSMEAT Cut Code 2100
Carton Weight: Catch Weight. Approx 10-13kg
Packaging: Bulk Pack

For Rump Steak Gyukatsu, Saikoro and Taco Fajita.

Meltique Beef Product Brochures

For your convenience you can download the latest Meltique Beef Product Range Brochure.


Meltique Beef Product Range Brochure

Individual product brochures

Meltique Striploin
PDF Brochure

Meltique Beef Flapmeat
PDF Brochure

Meltique Beef Cube Roll
PDF Brochure

Beef Thick Skirt
PDF Brochure

Meltique Rump Beef
PDF Brochure

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