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The most important factor of eating quality in meat is “tenderness”.

Meltique Beef assures consistent tenderness through our patented process. Meltique beefs inspiration comes from the French culinary technique called “Pique”. Pique is a technique involving inserting fats or herbs into lean meat by using special larding needles to enhance the flavor, juiciness and consistency of beef. Our modern version of pique is a major reason why Meltique Beef has been loved the world over for years.




Due to Hokubee’s patented technology Meltique Beef can be cooked from a frozen state and will remain tender and juicy under all cooking methods, In addition Meltique Beef will retain its eating quality even after it has cooled and been re-heated. As such Meltique Beef is an extremely versatile beef product that can be used in various types of food service applications where standard beef cannot.




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Saving your time and costs - Zero waste in your kitchen

Our Meltique Beef production process includes the removal of all bones and excess fat. Our specialised shaping process means a more standardised shape resulting in minimal yield loss when portion cutting.  Our product is ready to use with no extra time-consuming work to be done in the kitchen, simply grill and serve.



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