Hokubee’s wish for the future: Sustainable supply of safe and high quality beef  into the future.

We believe that we can contribute to the consistent and sustainable supply of quality beef to the world by applying our value adding method to lean beef derived from grass fed cattle, especially cows.

Currently the population on the earth is increasing rapidly and we have to think about how we can secure food for humans in the future, including grain and meat.

Beef will continue to be in demand as it is a precious protein source for humans.

Beef can be derived from either grass-fed cattle or grain fed cattle. However, it will become more difficult to keep feeding large quantities of grain to cattle when humans require increasing grain production as the population keeps growing.

Grass-feeding cattle we believe is a natural and sustainable way to raise cattle; cattle naturally eat grass and humans do not.

We Believe that utilizing beef from grass fed cattle is one of the keys to consistent beef supply in the future. When it comes to eating quality, grass fed beef can be tougher than grain fed, especially the beef derived from aged cattle like cows. By applying our “Meltique Pique” method, we enhance the eating quality of that beef, in order to sustainably supply high eating quality beef to the world.


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